Meet the Asian TikTokers chosen as the platform’s top creators for 2022

Meet the Asian TikTokers chosen as the platform’s top creators for 2022Meet the Asian TikTokers chosen as the platform’s top creators for 2022
Michelle De Pacina
November 24, 2022
TikTok has released its second annual Discover List, spotlighting 50 global content creators who are making an outsized positive impact on and off the platform.
The short-form video hosting service selects creators based on their video creations and their account’s growth, views, likes, interactions with followers and whether their content has sparked conversations on and off the platform.
The top TikTok content creators were divided into five groups: Changemakers, Icons, Innovators, Foodies and Originators. In the list for 2022, at least 14 Asian creators across the globe were featured in the different categories.
Iben MA (@iben_ma), a former lawyer from Indonesia, was honored as a Changemaker for taking on social challenges and documenting them on TikTok. His platform features social experiments globally.
Under the Icon category, South Korea’s WonJeong (@ox_zung) has gone viral for his funny and creative videos about his daily life. Linh Barbie (@linhbarbie), a creator from Vietnam, was also listed as an Icon for her various content, including dance covers, POVs, short films and comedy.
“Ever since I discovered TikTok, my life has completely changed,” Linh told Variety. “I am expressing myself, I’m more confident and comfortable speaking publicly. TikTok has helped me transform into a new person due to the love and support from the community. I hope to continue to spread positive energy to everyone.”
In the Innovators list, Shahira Azlan (@shahirazlan), a lifestyle creator from Malaysia, was included for her colorful makeup tutorials. Her content has made her popular in the country, with many local businesses reaching out to her for collaborations.
Tra Dang (@tra.dang.904), who creates transformative content and concepts, is the most followed TikTok content creator in Vietnam. She was also honored as an Innovator along with Japan’s Zonosann (@zono.sann), a leading visual artist who combines animation, cinematography and storytelling.
Brothers Ryan and Daniel Omoto (@justthenobodys) from California have gained millions of followers through their TikTok podcast, wherein they discuss pop culture, movies and TV shows, science facts and life hacks.
Under the Foodie category, TikTok has recognized Bayashi (@bayashi.tiktok) from Japan and Dimas Ramadhan Pangestu (@dimsthemeatguy) from Indonesia, who both share their love and passion for cooking on the platform. Priya Sharma (@himynameispriya) from Australia was also honored for sharing recipes inspired by her Indian heritage.
“Growing up, I was insecure about opening my lunchbox at school because it was different from all my friends,” Sharma told Variety. “Now, for the first time in my life, I’m able to share my culture on a safe place like TikTok, and be fully embraced. Being nominated is healing my 4-year-old self and that’s a true gift.”
Lastly, the Originators list recognized dance creators Aida Fitri (@aidafi3) from Indonesia and Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero) from the Philippines for sharing their passion for music and their viral choreography creations.
David Vu (@davidvooo) from Norway has garnered international attention for his joyful dance and fashion TikTok videos. He was also honored as an Originator along with Malaysian Canadian creator Mei Pang (@Meicrosoft), who became a trendsetter in the beauty industry with her collection of symmetrical tattoos and her creative makeup looks.
Featured Image via @tra.dang.904, @ox_zung, @meicrosoft
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