Meet the Accidental Entrepreneur That is Helping You Have Safe Sex On-The-Go

Meet the Accidental Entrepreneur That is Helping You Have Safe Sex On-The-GoMeet the Accidental Entrepreneur That is Helping You Have Safe Sex On-The-Go
If you’ve ever had issues finding a private space to get intimate with someone, worry no more as there is now the “Hook-up Truck.” This new service is set to be released soon and is described as “a modern dating solution for safe sexual adventuring” on their official website.
The “Hook-up Truck” is basically a traveling vehicle that is equipped with everything you need to safely “get it on” with a consenting partner. The vehicle looks like a standard delivery truck on the outside and the inside includes minimal furniture, mood lighting, temperature control and condoms.
How does this service work you ask? The drivers will either drive the truck to an agreed-upon location, or park it somewhere near public events where customers can come and go (no pun intended).
The service is only going to be available in San Francisco for now. Rates range from $75 to $2500 depending how long you need the truck and how many people. Here’s hoping no one gets slapped with a parking ticket during their “private time” in the truck.
We recently had the chance to interview Spy Emerson, a conceptual artist who is the brainchild of the Hook-up Truck. Here, we discuss how she went from being a professional artist to conceiving such an outrageous business idea.
You were a conceptual artist before starting the Hook-Up Truck, what made you want to start a business all of a sudden?

“I’ve been a professional artist for twenty-three years and I am quite sure that is what I will continue to be. I have not changed professions. The Hook-Up Truck is a satirical project I conceived  to capitalize on a problem, much like another of my projects, a fake real estate company called Dystopic Horizons Realty. There, I offer affordable cardboard housing with a magnificent view. You can be sure, if Dystopic Horizons Realty had gone viral, I would be selling cardboard homes right now.  Instead, The Hook-Up Truck went viral, and people really want to use the truck, so I am making it an actual business.”

“There is a gallery exhibition in conjunction with the truck project and I have help on the business end so I can continue to be an artist without distraction.”

How did you come up with the idea?

“Well, I was riding home from Los Angeles with Flora Goodthyme of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Dixie De La Tour of Bawdy Storytelling. We were laughing and telling stories and Flora introduced me to Grindr… and I had never heard of this before, a location based dating application for sex?! I still use a flip phone!!  She had me squealing, really squealing out loud in delight over her stories, and the problem of “doing it” in cars, or between cars in random driveways or wherever. This  just totally inspired me with the sexual adventuring of people. I had the idea for a mobile hotel room immediately, and then thought about it for hours and months.”

What did your friends and family think of it?

“Everyone was totally thrilled. My people are so supportive. Thinking people can easily see what a great idea it is.”

What types of people are interested in using your truck?

“We haven’t even started running yet, but the response has been incredible. People are writing from all over the country requesting to use the truck. One of my favorite emails was from a woman whose husband is returning for a month,  after a two year service in the military. She said this is exactly the type of thing that he would love to do. From festival bookings, to single mothers with no privacy, a shy roommate, a business woman who wants an “afternoon delight” downtown on her lunch break, and of course the freaky deaky perverts. There is a wide demographic of people who are excited to try something new regarding sex. Overall, it’s just so great to see people looking to have fun!”

“We welcome all types of people, however, people who are incoherent, obviously drunk, aggressive, or rude, are denied use of the room. Time in the room is limited to 30 minutes, and  no drugs, alcohol, or animals are allowed. All participants must be over 21 and registered online.”

Have you learned anything interesting so far since starting your business?

“Yes, I have learned how quickly the joy kills and the “thought police” try to squash anything progressive or independent, regardless of how it may improve quality of life.  I am happy to have a good attorney to protect me.”

Lastly, when do you want to expand outside of SF?

“Yes, we have plans…. big, big plans. By the end of the year, I plan to have trucks running in several major cities. This thing is blowing up!!”

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