Meet Seong Min-ji, the social media influencer looking for men with ‘pretty noses’ on ‘Single’s Inferno’

  • Seong Min-ji joined the cast of Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” in the show’s fifth episode, along with new contestants Kim Su-min and Cha Hyun-seung.
  • Seong is a social media influencer and freelance model who has worked with both cosmetic and wedding dress brands.
  • Attracted to men “with pretty noses,” Seong is looking for someone with “hobbies and tastes similar to hers.“

A social media influencer who dabbles with modeling in her free time recently joined the popular South Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno” as one of its newest contestants.

Seong Min-Ji, 24, was introduced in the fifth episode of the hit Netflix reality series, alongside newcomers Kim Su-min and Cha Hyun-Seung.

On Instagram — where she already has more than 75,000 followers — Seong exhibits a fashionable and jet-setting lifestyle, visiting different places in Europe while wearing luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Burberry, among others.

As a freelancer, Seong has modeled for different wedding dress brands and cosmetic brands. Her twin sister, Seong Min-ju, is an actress and a model who has appeared in several advertisements, one of them being a KFC commercial with “Single’s Inferno” newcomer Kim Su-min. The Seong sisters have also collaborated together on different projects, such as an ad campaign for the clothing brand DEBB.

Seong clarified during her introduction in the show’s fifth episode that despite her seemingly cold personality, she is actually a “ friendly and playful” person. She claims to be competitive, noting that she will stop at nothing to get the man she sets her eye on.

According to Seong, she is attracted to men “with pretty noses” and is currently looking for a man who has “hobbies and tastes similar to hers.“

Seong exudes both charm and confidence, which has helped her gain more admirers among “Single’s Inferno” viewers and her fellow cast members. 

“Single’s Inferno” is set to wrap up its first season with a simultaneous release of its seventh and eighth episodes on Jan. 8.

Featured Image via Netflix / “Single’s Inferno (left), @im_min.vely (right)

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