Meet the Korean-Russian Couple Who’s Instagram Famous For Their Inseparable Bond

Meet the Korean-Russian Couple Who’s Instagram Famous For Their Inseparable Bond

November 24, 2017
A Korean-Russian couple is melting hearts across social media for sharing their love that knows no distance.
On YouTube, Jay Song and Alexandra “Sasha” Podberezskaja share their adventures as an “International Couple,” from language lessons to daily life vlogs.
Their videos have been viewed more than three million times, while their subscribers are growing from at least 64,000.
Sasha, currently based in Seoul, works as a freelance model and actress. She was born in Belarus.
Jay, on the other hand, currently serves in the South Korean military. He was born in Seoul.
While Jay and Sasha started their channel roughly two years ago, they have been a couple since 2013!
Their latest vlog is about their trip to Busan, which will be divided in three parts.
Fans are worried that they might stop making videos, but Sasha assured that more are coming:
“Don’t worry, we will keep making vlogs because Jay will come out from army often.”
The couple met recently as seen in their Instagram, where Sasha congratulated Jay for doing well in the army and trying his best to reach her:
“My love, we finally met today. I know that you are not able to read this right now anyway. But I really want you know that I am so proud of you! Being 5th of the best soldiers from 180 people is very cool! Thank you so much for trying and working so hard to get all that chances to call me. I really appreciate it. I already miss you and [I’m] waiting for our next meeting which will be very soon.”
Sasha also shared how difficult it is to keep up with time:
“Just called Jay for 5 minutes. Asked whether I was good at home after our meeting yesterday. He was very worried yesterday about how I will get home. After all, the army is three hours from Seoul by bus, plus then by Seoul on subway, with a transfer to the bus for another hour and a half to go.”
“It was hard, of course, [I was] very afraid yesterday that I was just not going to get to Jay. That somewhere I would get lost and no one would help me.”
This is not the first time the two have been apart. Last year, Sasha was in tears as Jay left for Korea:
Needless to say, this couple won’t let anything come their way — and we love it!
Check out their latest vlog below:
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