Meet Japan’s ‘Living Doll’ Who’s Taking Over Tokyo’s Fashion Scene

Meet Japan’s ‘Living Doll’ Who’s Taking Over Tokyo’s Fashion Scene
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
August 25, 2017
A “living doll” has been making waves in Japan’s fashion modeling scene recently.
That’s because Lulu Hashimoto is unique — she’s a full-body doll suit, made up of a wig, a mask and stockings with customized “joints” resembling that of an actual doll. 
Blurring the lines of reality and fantasy, Lulu has amassed at least 23,000 followers on Twitter, 12,000 followers on Instagram and counting!
Lulu is created by fashion designer Hitomi Komaki, who told Reuters, “I have always really liked dolls and for me, the epitome of cuteness is dolls.”
There is only one Lulu so far, Komaki said, but she has already been worn by many dancers, designers and models.
That being said, no one can really tell whoever is inside Lulu when she pops up anywhere.
There are those calling Lulu a “fetish,” but Komaki points that she’s not.
“Many people call my project a fetish, but for me it’s not a fetish but fashion. It’s like wearing nice clothes or putting on false eyelashes to become cuter,” the 23-year-old said.
According to Reuters, Lulu has been getting more attention as she competes at the annual Miss iD beauty pageant.
She is one of 134 semi-finalists selected from about 4,000 entrants!
Crowning a winner in November, the pageant pits “non-human” characters created via artificial intelligence and three-dimensional computer graphics.
Good luck to Lulu and all the other candidates!
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