Meet Ikuta Kana, Japan’s Prettiest Taxi Driver

While getting stuck in traffic is often considered hell on Earth by most, it can well be the opposite if you’re riding in one particular taxi in Japan driven by the beautiful Ikuta Kana, the country’s most popular taxi driver.
Ikuta, who is also a model by profession, took cab driving as a second job due to the unstable nature of modeling.
The beautiful 24-year-old from Nagano Prefecture began her career as a gravure model (model who primarily models in magazines) and immediately gained a local fanbase.
Her popularity eventually took off when she joined the weekly TV program Nino San.
For two years, she was part of the model group Mina Mates of Mina magazine. She has also done various modeling gigs for different salon brands such as Voce and ELO.
Fresh of graduating from the university, she obtained a professional driver’s license and joined the Asuka Traffic Dream Project.
Aside from driving, she is also dubbed as “Miss Asuka” and will represent the image and character of the company. Part of her duties include making appearances for television.
Ikuta has now been driving along the routes of Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro for a year and a half while still enjoying a flourishing modeling career.
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