Meet the Filipina-American Supermodel Who Could Be Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Angel

Meet Kelsey Merritt, a Filipino-American who is now on her way to becoming a top supermodel after receiving the much awaited callback to be part of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018.

The news first came to the public’s attention on Monday when Philippine-based pageant news source @PowerHousePH on Twitter announced that the 21-year-old model – soon turning 22 – finally got the callback for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018.

Merritt echoed the same news to her more than 455,000 followers on Instagram where she posted a video of her work out in preparation for the callback.


All about that balance! Thank you @kirkmyersfitness for getting me ready for vs callbacks tom,” the model wrote.

Merritt was already making heads turn even before her Victoria’s Secret stint. According to local television network ABS-CBN, she juggled and balanced her studies and her career as a model after she was contacted by renowned modeling agency Wilhelmina Models when she was still a sophomore in college.

“I can say that one of the best decisions I’ve made so far is to finish my degree instead of stopping it halfway,” she wrote in her Instagram post when she graduated with an AB Communication degree from Ateneo de Manila University last year. “People often ask me how I managed to do it, and all I say is that as long as you have your priorities straight and manage your time well, then it really can be done.”


I can't believe I'm actually graduating in a few days!! 💙 I've been waiting for this moment to come for so long! 😂 I can say that one of the best decisions I've made so far is to finish my degree instead of stopping it halfway. Right after completing my second year in university, I moved to live in New York for a few months to model. My agency at that time asked me if I wanted to consider online schooling so I dont have to go back to the Philippines, and I have to say it was tempting.. But I chose not to. I stuck with going back to school, knowing I won't be able to be in NY for the most part of the year to do what I love. At the same time, I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the choices that I have made. The choice was not easy, but no one ever said it was going to be. It was not easy always flying more than 15 hours and then fighting jetlag, going to work the next day, and having to go home after work to finish papers or study for a test. It wasn't easy trying to fight back sleep on the plane because I had so many readings to catch up on. God knows how hard it was to constantly fly back and forth New York and London while still in school. I had to miss classes, but still make sure that I was on top of everything. At the same time, I had no right to complain I was having a hard time because I was blessed with work. I was living my dream! People often ask me how I managed to do it, and all I say is that as long as you have your priorities straight and manage your time well, then it really can be done. Other people also think that I've missed a few semesters and I'm behind my batch, but that's not the case. I'm graduating with the same batch I entered Ateneo with. Now that I'm done with school, I can finally do what I want to do and live in the city I love most. Ateneo has played a great role in helping me become the person that I am today. I learned so much in Ateneo, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. AMDG 💙 Kelsey Alaine P. Merritt Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Class of 2017 Ateneo de Manila University

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Before appearing on the runway, Merritt already appeared a few times as a model for Victoria’s Secret.

Apart from Wilhelmina Models in London, Merritt is also being represented internationally by other renowned modeling agencies like Women Milano in Milan, Italy; Supreme Management in New York, and Nomad MGMT in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

There is no official word yet if Merritt does in fact land a spot in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018. There are also no updates from Victoria’s Secret regarding the exact date and venue for this year’s prestigious, most-watched fashion event, according to Harper’s Bazaar.


Images via Instagram / kelseymerritt

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