Meet China’s 94-Year-Old Kung Fu Granny Who Protects Her Village From Criminals

Zhang Hexian is a living kung fu legend.

For decades, she has served as her village’s guardian in the town of Liyang in Zhejiang province in China where she is now known as the “Kung Fu Granny”.

She learned the Chinese martial art at the very young age of four and through the years developed her skills to become the town’s defender.

According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), she is credited with keeping it safe from various villains who threatened the peace in the neighborhood.

The local hero is now 94 years old, yet Zhang still maintains a youthful energy, continuously training every day without fail.

On special occasions, she also showcases her moves to local villagers who are always in awe of her skills, especially on how she uses her staff.

So, hats off to you Kung Fu Granny, may your awesomeness last long.

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