Chinese Companies Are Sending Medical Supplies to American Businesses to Help Fight Coronavirus

Chinese Companies Are Sending Medical Supplies to American Businesses to Help Fight Coronavirus
Ryan General
By Ryan General
March 19, 2020
As news of COVID-19 infections slowing down in China, some Chinese companies are reportedly extending help to their American business partners.
According to a Twitter thread started by journalist Ryan Sit, some manufacturers in China are now sending medical supplies to their clients in the United States. 
“I want to share some of the kindness coming out of China right now,” Sit tweeted. “My wife’s company manufactures some of its products in China. With lockdowns relaxing now, what are factory workers there doing? They’re sending medical supplies to the workers in New York. We’re all in this together. 
Along with Sit’s tweet are photos of the supplies sent, which includes isolation gowns and face masks.
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Sit said he wanted to highlight the compassion and understanding the Chinese are showing amid the animosity received by Asians in the U.S.
“Since the president keeps calling #COVID19 the Chinese Virus and White House officials are referring to it as “Kung Flu” — not to mention the hate crimes — I thought you should see how some Chinese people are showing us nothing but compassion and understanding,” Sit wrote.
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Other Twitter users are sharing similar experiences as well.
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A recent report from the New York Times showed how China reported no new local infections on Thursday, which would be the first time since the coronavirus crisis began three months ago.
“It’s very clear that the actions taken in China have almost brought to an end their first wave of infections,” said Ben Cowling, the head of the division of epidemiology and biostatistics at Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health. “The question is what will happen if there’s a second wave, because the kind of measures that China has implemented are not necessarily sustainable in the long term.”
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