Hong Kong Couple Comes Up With Genius Solution For Fat Food-Stealing Cat

Hong Kong Couple Comes Up With Genius Solution For Fat Food-Stealing CatHong Kong Couple Comes Up With Genius Solution For Fat Food-Stealing Cat
This is Meatball.
Fat Cat Meatball
Meatball is a very laid-back cat who loves to sleep the day away. One of four cats in the household (Meatball, Mochi, Pepper, and Nugget), Meatball is the oldest, wisest, and heaviest. “He has a sort of a human quality to him and has very human like facial expressions,” one of his owners, Daphnie, told Love Meow.
Of course, there is one thing he loves more than sleeping, and that is food. This fat cat would quickly clean his plate, licking up every last morsel, before setting his sights onto one of his other cat-mates’ bowls and stealing their food from right under their noses.
Fat cats eating
Naturally, his owners became worried when his frame kept expanding, but they really started to pay attention when his gluttonous behavior spread to one of the other cats, Pepper. Soon, the two of them would sneak treats and scarf down extra food whenever they could, getting chubbier by the day. “Their waistline have progressively disappeared (non existent) and Pepper does a good job of sitting up on her hind legs at times because of her booty,” Daphnie said.
That’s when Koon Wah, Daphnie’s husband, came up with a clever solution: partitions to keep the cats in their own lane.
“My husband came up with the partition idea which was made out of cardboard,” Daphnie explained. But since cardboard doesn’t last very long, they knew they needed to create something else for a more permanent solution. So they decided to upgrade the partitions by using some leftover wood from a previous project.
Meatball and Mochi Food
“We also had some fabric from some sake wine we bought in Japan and I sewed these to the front of each partition. Our friend commented that it reminded them of the Ichiran Ramen restaurant in Japan,” Daphnie further commented. She even made a cute sign to complete the restaurant feel!
Cats eating
The themed partitions have done a purr-fect job of keeping the cats separated during mealtime and ensuring that Meatball and Pepper don’t steal food from Mochi and Nugget; in fact, Meatball has stopped gaining weight and is now slimming down. This is because only one cat can fit in a lane at any given time, meaning wandering mouths can’t steal food out of their neighbors’ bowls — even though they try!
Nugget and Meatball
This lane is Meatball’s — he chose it himself!
Meatball dining
Both cats and owners are happy with this a-mews-ingly creative method of meal monitoring.
Mochi and Meatball
Watch how dinnertime unfolds in this cute little video!
You can follow the adventures of Meatball and the rest of the gang on Facebook and Instagram.
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