Meals at Manhattan sushi restaurant Masa will now cost $1,000 per person

  • A sushi bar in Midtown Manhattan will soon charge guests $1,000 per meal for a “prized bar seat” Omakase experience.
  • The new price will be implemented at Masa beginning in April when a per-person meal will increase by $150 for a total of $950, not including tax, tips or drinks.
  • The $1,000 meal includes six appetizers, among which is Masa’s signature Ohmi Beef Tataki, and 15 to 17 varieties of sushi pieces based on the season and Chef Masa Takayama’s “ever-changing inspiration.”
  • Prices for dinner reservations will also increase in April from $650 to $750.
  • Masa currently holds three Michelin stars and is the only restaurant in the U.S. that charges $1,000 per customer before drinks.

Masa, a three-Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Manhattan, will charge $1,000 per meal beginning in April – and that doesn’t include drinks. 

Located in Midtown Manhattan, the restaurant is one of five restaurants in New York City that boasts three Michelin stars and is now the only restaurant to charge $1,000 per meal, not including drinks.

Originally $800, Masa is increasing the price of its Omakase Dinner Hinoki Counter Experience by $150 to a total of $1,034 after taxes. The new price is expected to apply beginning in April.

The $1,000 Hinoki Counter Experience consists of six appetizers, one of which includes Masa’s signature Ohmi Beef Takai, and 15 to 17 different sushi pieces chosen based on the season and Chef Masa’s “ever-changing inspiration.”


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Dinner table reservation prices will also increase from $650 to $750.

Citing supply chain issues and a rise in transportation costs across the globe, many high-end Japanese restaurants have increased their menu prices to adjust. At least seven sushi restaurants in Manhattan now average $400 per person as a result.

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