‘McFitness’: Video of customer chowing down while on stationary bike table at McDonald’s goes viral

McFitness McDonalds Stationary Bike

A TikTok of a customer dining while exercising on a stationary bike with a table at a McDonald’s restaurant in China is going viral.

The innovative feature: The video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @cris13yu on Dec. 16, has garnered more than 34 million views and over 2.2 million likes as of this writing.  

@cris13yumc da China kkkk amei a ideia♬ som original – cris13_u

  • In the video, the woman can be seen taking a bite of her burger while pedaling on the stationary bike-table machine at a McDonald’s restaurant in China.
  • Many viewers marvelled at the innovative seating, coining the term “McFitness” in response, while others commented on its ineffectiveness with one commenter writing, “This is like using your phone while charging.”
  • “Still more calories consumed than burned,” one commented.
  • “Bad for your digestive system. Don’t do physical activities while eating. Eating needs a relaxed state so it can be digested well by the GI tract,” another social media user cautioned. 

Featured Images via @cris13yu

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