Menu Hacks

Surf + Turf
App Exclusive

Land, Air & Sea

Hash Brown McMuffin®

Crunchy Double

Order + Make Your Menu Hacks
January 31st*

For anyone that’s ever combined our menu items in delicious ways, this one’s for you. Get ready to order and make your own menu hacks starting January 31st—because this isn’t our menu, it’s yours.

*For a limited time only.

How It Works

Build your menu hacks in these simple steps.

Order It by Name

Order the menu hack by name for drive thru or carry-out, on the McDonald’s App or through McDelivery

We Give You These

Assemble the tasty creation on your own!

So You Can Build This

Enjoy! Pictures or it didn’t happen, so remember to share your menu hacks with #McDonaldsHacks

Hack Menu Items

These are all fan-inspired creations

Surf + Turf

Double Cheeseburger® and Filet-o-Fish® combined for McDonald’s take on a familiar plate. Available only via the McDonald’s app or participating McDelivery partners.

Crunchy Double

Savory lovers rejoice! Chicken McNuggets® add the perfect crunch to a Double Cheeseburger®. Don’t forget to drizzle Tangy BBQ sauce on top to take the creation to the next level.

Hash Brown McMuffin®

For those looking for a new take on their morning sandwich, try stacking your Sausage McMuffin® with Egg with a crispy Hash Brown for an extra crunch.

Land, Air & Sea

A McChicken®, on a Big Mac®, on a Filet-o-Fish®, oh my!

*Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken sandwich included at select restaurants.

Bespoke Page by NextShark for McDonald’s