Photo of a McDonald’s Worker Helping a Disabled Person Eat His Meal Goes Viral

A McDonald’s worker in Taiwan has gained popularity in social media for helping a disabled customer eat his meal.
The photo of the kind employee has gone viral online, and has gathered almost 30,000 likes since it was shared on Facebook by user Li Ting on Wednesday. Netizens expressed their admiration and appreciation for his selfless deed.
The caption, written in Taiwanese, read:
“There are few people like him in today’s society. I had a snack at a McDonald’s with my friends the other evening. I was really moved after seeing this. The worker didn’t discriminate against the disabled, but instead, he fed him the burger with love and patience. Thank you for your compassion. You gave him a full meal and he can continue to live his life. His boss should give him a raise!”
According to Apple Daily (via Shanghaiist), the helpful worker is a 19-year-old working student identified only with his surname He. A McDonald’s employee for the past two years, He goes to the university during the day and works part-time at night.
He told reporters that he considers his action a simple gesture of hospitality. When he noticed that the man was having a difficult time using his hands, he immediately asked the man if he could help him.
This isn’t the first time a social media post about a McDonald’s worker helping a disabled customer eat his meal has gone viral. In September of last year, a photograph and accompanying account of a female McDonald’s worker feeding an elderly, wheelchair-bound man was heavily shared on Facebook.
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