Grandpa in Hong Kong Diligently Eats McDonald’s as Man Throws Tantrum Over Straws Behind Him

A man who cannot accept that his McDonald’s meal does not come with a straw launched into an outburst that has gone viral on social media.

The incident is believed to have occurred at a McDonald’s outlet in Mong Kok, Hong Kong earlier this month.

In a video posted on Facebook, the man, who was wearing a white shirt, can be seen yelling at a staff member over the lack of straws.

“What do you want, then?” the staff snapped back.

Netizens suggest that the incident occurred on a Monday, which the fast food giant assigned as straw-free day.

The customer continued his unintelligible outbursts until the staff asked him to leave.

The customer initially refused to exit but eventually took off with his order in a paper bag.

“Alright, stand there then, take your time,” the staff said before the customer finally took off.

Hong Kong Free Press reported that even on no-straw Mondays, McDonald’s offers straws to anyone who asks for them, so it’s unclear why the customer failed to get one.

Netizens slammed both parties in the video:

“For the love of god, just give him a straw!”

“Customers are not always right.”

“The customer must have eaten too salty.”

“He threatened to stand and stay but he can’t even do it.”

“It’s a little bit of business.”

Yet some pointed out that the real star of the video was the gray-haired uncle, who couldn’t care less as the whole drama unfolded behind his back.

“Uncle is so cool!”

“I’m just looking at uncle.”

“He’s so calm.”

Images via Facebook / Darron Lam

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