McDonald’s is Throwing a Morning Dance Party With NextShark and ISA


Editor’s Note: “Rise N’ Rave” is a morning dance party event being thrown by McDonald’s in partnership with NextShark and ISA. Join us for music by DJ Manila Killa and McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks on December 13 at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. The following is a press release from McDonald’s. Please RSVP on FACEBOOK

McDonald’s wants to jumpstart your morning with ‘Rise N’ Rave’, a dance party inspired by the craveable and delicious Triple Breakfast Stacks, a breakfast sandwich created to conquer morning hunger and a big day. Attendees can start their big day with the Triple Breakfast Sandwich, McDonald’s new breakfast sandwich featuring two slices of melty American cheese between two savory, hot sausage patties and topped with crispy, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon and an egg. In partnership with NextShark, the leading online publication for young Asian Americans and news source for global Asians, the event will headline music producer and electronic DJ Manila Killa (a.k.a. Chris Gavino).

McDonald’s cooked up the idea for Triple Breakfast Stacks after noticing customers’ ongoing enthusiasm for adopting the menu and inventing their own unique and deliver offerings online.

From a recent survey done by McDonald’s, 67 percent of Asian American breakfast lovers would be interested in adding extra cheese and 65 percent would be interested in adding extra meat to their McDonald’s breakfast sandwich.*

The McDonald’s ‘Rise N’ Rave’ will take place on December 13 at the iconic Globe Theater (740 S Broadway) in downtown Los Angeles from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Opening acts include DJs Kairos and ShyTwin from Academy of DJs. Admission is free and open to the public ages 18+ on a first come first served basis. Attendees who show a receipt of a previous Triple Breakfast Stacks purchase at the entrance will have access to priority entry and VIP lounges. RSVP for ‘Rise N’ Rave’ here.

With Electronic Dance Music (EDM) gaining popularity all over the globe, especially in Asia, McDonald’s is tapping into up and coming Asian American DJ Manila Killa to provide the beats at its first ever morning dance party. Born in the Philippines and raised in Indonesia and the U.S., self-taught Gavino has turned a passion into a full-fledged career with millions of streams online. He will open ‘Rise N’ Rave’ with his newly released single “Wake Up Call.”

“McDonald’s is thrilled to be hosting our first morning dance party in celebration Triple Breakfast Stacks,” said Ivonne Loza, U.S. Marketing Brand Content Manager at McDonald’s USA. “It’s a perfect combination for guests to dance up an appetite and craving to try our new breakfast sandwich.”

“Breakfast is a big part of part of my day since I’m constantly on the road,” said Gavino. “I like starting my day with a big meal and the Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwich gives me the fuel I need.”

McDonald’s has been a leader in the breakfast category since the innovation of the iconic sandwich that transformed it in 1971 – the Egg McMuffin. Triple Breakfast Stacks are the first new breakfast sandwiches available nationally since the Egg White Delight McMuffin in 2013. The craveable and delicious sandwiches are available for a limited time at participating McDonald’s and come with two slices of melty American cheese between two savory, hot sausage patties. They’re topped with crispy, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon and an egg. Guests can opt for their choice of a toasted McMuffin, a buttery and flaky biscuit, or sweet and savory McGriddles cakes.

*Data from a McDonald’s conducted online survey of 8,633 consumers.

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