McDonald’s APA Next program features mental health services for students, advice from AAPI figures

McDonald’s APA Next program features mental health services for students, advice from AAPI figures
Thy Nguyen
July 29, 2021
McDonald’s launched an initiative that will help Asian American students reach their educational goals and provide personal stories from AAPI figures such as actress Ally Maki, activist Amanda Nguyen and Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Versha Sharma.
The initiative: The program, titled “APA Next,”  was designed to “empower and uplift students through their academic journey by providing tools and resources to help them succeed,” according to The College Post.
  • “APA Next” will also focus on students’ mental health needs and address the lack of mental health services available to them. 
  • Students will also have access to virtual education workshops, inspirational videos from notable AAPI personalities, custom meditation sessions and the ability to apply for the APA Next scholarship. The scholarship will grant $500,000 to low-income students. 
  • McDonald’s is partnering with Shine, a self-care mobile app that aims to help students and their families prepare for what’s coming next in modern academics. 
  • “We want students to know it’s okay, and vital, to prioritize their mental health needs. We’re proud to work with McDonald’s to address the role self-care plays in helping students prioritize themselves, throughout the journey of being a student,” Shine co-founder and CEO Naomi Hirabayashi said
Who’s involved: Nguyen and TikToker Nick Cho will join Maki and Sharma in sharing their life experiences and what they have overcome.  
  • Maki’s segment, titled “Finding Spaces,” is about finding spaces where you can be yourself. The video is currently live on the website. 
  • Sharma, whose video will be available next month, will be discussing how her education and life experiences paved the way for her career as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue.
  • Nguyen will share how her knowledge and passions led to a “unique career path” in September. 
  • Cho, also known as @yourkoreandad on TikTok, will be talking about how he became a mentor and why it’s important to share your experience with others. His segment will be available later this fall. 
Featured Image via McDonald’s (left), Amanda Nguyen (middle), Centenary College of Louisiana (right)
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