Max out friendship with the new Pokémon and McDonald’s Happy Meals collaboration

Max out friendship with the new Pokémon and McDonald’s Happy Meals collaboration
Daniel Anderson
August 17, 2022
McDonald’s and the Pokémon Trading Card Game are tag teaming once more for a Happy Meal promotion that includes new trading cards to collect. 
Starting on Tuesday and ending on Sept. 6, Pokémon fans can go to McDonald’s and pick up a Happy Meal that comes with a four-card booster pack, a Pokémon-themed coin, spinner and an instruction sheet on how to play a “Match Battle,” which aims to teach kids more about the trading card game. 
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The toys are designed to teach kids how to play the Pokémon trading card game. There are 15 cards to collect: Ledyba, Rowlet, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Victini, Lapras, Chinchou, Flaaffy, Tynamo, Cutiefly, Bewear, Pangoro, Drampa and Smeargle.
Six of the cards — Rowlet, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Victini, Pikachu and Smeargle — will be holographic rare, while the rest will be non-holographic. 
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The card set notably does not contain any of the newest monsters from the upcoming “Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet” main series games or the most recent “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” games.   
McDonald’s has issued a policy in an effort to combat scalpers like those that plagued their previous Pokémon collaboration: “Any customer must purchase one or more Happy Meals before becoming entitled to purchase an additional toy in the same transaction and only 1 additional toy is allowed per transaction regardless of the number of Happy Meals bought.”
The Pokémon brand seems to have ramped up their collaborations recently. Earlier this month, they partnered with Clarks Originals on some custom Wallabee shoes. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, they unveiled the first Pokémon Squishmallows. They have also developed t-shirts with Amazon and Original Stitch.
In other McDonald’s-related news, South Korean singer BIBI collaborated with the food brand in July.
Feature Image via: The Pokémon Company
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