The world’s most expensive McDonald’s menu item costs $27.19

The world’s most expensive McDonald’s menu item costs $27.19The world’s most expensive McDonald’s menu item costs $27.19
Isa Peralta
October 19, 2021
In countless countries around the world, McDonald’s is a go-to option for a quick, affordable meal. A recent study, however, has pinpointed the places where you can find McDonald’s items that have costs falling on the extreme ends between $0.48 and $21.89.
Worth a fortune: According to a recent study by Expensivity, the world’s most expensive McDonald’s item is Lebanon’s Grand Chicken Special ($27.19).
  • The most expensive Happy Meal ($21.89) and Big Mac ($21.89) can also be found in Lebanon, apparently because of the price inflation in the country.
  • France and Monaco’s Signature Charolais & Sauce Aux 2 Moutardes ($14.38) places second while Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Big Tasty Smokey Double Bacon ($13.56) is the third most expensive McDonald’s item. 
  • Israel’s Mega Tokyo burger, which features grilled mushrooms and an “Asian barbecue sauce” ($13.48), takes fourth place.  
  • Denmark’s Homestyle x Henrik Jyrk Tokyo Teriyaki ($9.55), another Asian-themed burger, was “developed by gourmet chef Henrik Jyrk, and features onion rings, beef steak, and teriyaki sauce in a brioche bun.” The burger was ranked ninth. 
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On the opposite end: In contrast, the cheapest Big Mac can be found in Russia for $1.94, and  the cheapest Happy Meal is sold in Pakistan for $2.11. 
  • Asian nations like Malaysia and the Philippines also offer affordable Happy Meals at $2.47 and $2.17, respectively.  
  • Kazakhstan’s Big Tasty will cost you just $3.05, which is less than a large Coke ($4 or more) from countries such as Germany and Luxembourg.
  • Finally, while Lebanon sells large fries for $13.27, the Philippines sells them for $0.48.
Image via Expensivity
Featured Image via McDonaldsArabia (left), usfoods72 (right)
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