McDonald’s Unveils Ramen-Flavored Fries… But Only in Hong Kong 😞

McDonald’s Hong Kong is about to ruin your diet by releasing two new ramen-flavored “Shake Shake Fries” over the next month.

The fast food chain has joined forces with Nissin to introduce instant noodle-seasoned fries in two flavors: black garlic pork broth (from February 27) and sesame oil (from March 21).

Photo via Presslogic

The addictive seasoning comes separate from the fries and is shaken in a paper bag, Design Taxi noted via Insider.

Your order also comes with a limited edition “Demae Iccho Japanese Ceramic Tableware Set” for $98 Hong Kong dollars ($12.49).

Photo via McDonald’s Hong Kong

The Nissin Tonkotsu Flavored Shaker Fries is part of a Japanese-themed launch called “Taste of Japan,” which also includes two burgers — Miyazaki-styled Nanban Chicken Burger and Nagoya-styled Miso Pork Cutlet Burger, according to Must Share News.

Photo via McDonald’s Hong Kong

Wash all that fast food down with a cold White Grape Soda with Nata De Coco.

Photo via McDonald’s Hong Kong

For dessert, McDonald’s will be unveiling the pineapple pie on March 21 as well.

Photo via Presslogic

To enjoy the ramen-inspired spuds, customers simply have to upsize their meals to get the powder flavoring with their fries.

Featured Image via Amazon / Nissin (Left), Presslogic (Right)

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