Tamarind predicted to be 2024’s ‘Flavor of the Year’ by McCormick

Tamarind predicted to be 2024’s ‘Flavor of the Year’ by McCormick
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Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
December 7, 2023
Global spice brand McCormick and Company has named tamarind its 2024 “Flavor of the Year,” releasing a new seasoning blend to match it.
About the seasoning: McCormick made the announcement in the 24th edition of its Flavor Forecast, an annual report released since 2000. Its latest seasoning, Tamarind & Pasilla Chile, blends the sweetness and sourness of the tamarind fruit, the mild heat of pasilla chile — the dried form of the Mexican chilaca chili pepper — and the savory notes of coriander, onion and paprika.
Choosing the flavor: Executive Chef Hadar Cohen Aviram, head of the 50-person team McCormick had sent out to seek trending flavors around the world, told CNN that tamarind was chosen for fitting three key trends, including the growing popularity of tangy and sour foods, modernized versions of regional foods and extreme takes of childhood favorites. The team consisted of chefs and food technologists who spent nine months — including travel time to multiple countries — before they zeroed in on tamarind.
Where tamarind grows: Tamarind commonly grows in Asia, Africa and Mexico. The fruit serves as a key ingredient in several dishes and is also often turned into candies or pastilles.
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