More Racist Posts Emerge From Fired NY Real Estate Agent Who Made Coronavirus Joke

More Racist Posts Emerge From Fired NY Real Estate Agent Who Made Coronavirus Joke

February 6, 2020
More racist posts showing a recently fired New York real estate agent targeting Asians and others have been uncovered.
Instagram user Bunzgainz compiled a series of short videos and pictures showing Matthew Deguida’s past social media posts before he took down all of his accounts.
In one of Deguida’s now-deleted posts, he can be seen flipping off an Asian woman while mocking an Asian accent. He wrote in the caption: “Didn’t know trying to buy a Rolex would be this confusing.”
In another post, he calls Chinese people “mad dirty” and says they have no common sense.
“Chinese people are mad dirty. F**k with them from a distance. Don’t go near them they are like animals picking through garbage and eating shit alive. They have no common sense,” Deguida wrote.
Another video shows Deguida knocking on the window of a subway train and flipping off an Asian woman.
Included in that compilation is a deleted tweet: “Will see about that. A hate crime a day keeps the doctor away.” That was a reply to a post made by @siadvance, stating: “Hate crimes won’t be tolerated on Staten Island, D.A. vows.”
He has also targeted Black people in his posts as well as other communities.
Deguida was put under the spotlight after his Instagram Story showed him spewing racist remarks towards an Asian woman amid the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.
He tried to deny he wasn’t the racist person in the video, saying the clip was sent to him in a group chat. But he couldn’t provide any proof for his claims.
After it went viral, many social media users tried to get the attention of the company where Deguida was employed. He was later fired from the Precious Properties Corporation.
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