Retired Japanese Tennis Star Harvests Clams in Freezing Water, Reminds You to Never Give Up

Meet Matsuoka Shuzo.


He’s a retired tennis-player-turned-motivational-life-coach known throughout the world for his inspirational quotes and videos.


“Happy new year. 
It is the most desirable word from around ‘possible’. 
‘Enable’ has the ability to ‘believe’ and ‘challenge’.

I will cheer for a lot of people, ‘I can do it’ seriously this year!”

His popularity really took off in the late ’00s – early ’10s when he became a meme; netizens would remix his speeches into songs that captured his energy and enthusiasm.

His arguably most iconic video, however, features him waist deep in freezing water, fishing for Asiatic clams while reminding viewers to keep persisting.

via YouTube / Ryuujin131

“Don’t give up!” cries Matsuoka, his voice off-screen. The camera pans right from a frigid lake towards our beloved inspirational speaker. “Don’t you give up!” he passionately yells again.

via YouTube / Ryuujin131

As the camera centers on Matsuoka, he points to it and demands “Why are you quitting there?” His tone turns slightly, pleading with viewers. “Just try a little bit harder!” he says. He then reaches towards the camera. “No, no, no! Don’t give up!” he begs.

via YouTube / Ryuujin131

“Think of all the people around you and the people cheering you on!” he persists. “You’re almost there!” Taking a stance that surely inspired Shia LaBeouf, he then pulls out the big guns. “Look at me! It’s -10 degrees and I’m here harvesting Asiatic clams!”

via YouTube / Ryuujin131

“You just have to try!” he continues. “You will surely accomplish your goal!” Then , for the grand finale, he prepares a fighting stance. “That’s why you should…”

“…never give up!”

Check out the video in full below:

Featured Image via YouTube / Ryuujin131

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