Crazy Rich Mom-Son Duo Takes Matching Outfits To a Whole New Level

Crazy Rich Mom-Son Duo Takes Matching Outfits To a Whole New LevelCrazy Rich Mom-Son Duo Takes Matching Outfits To a Whole New Level
A Thai mother-son duo is turning heads with their brightly colored, out-of-the-norm matching outfits when out in public.
Peepy and Mother Lee, whose real names are Pattharapol and Lee Puengboonpra, respectively, are the mother-son duo attracting much attention online for their incredibly stylish fashion choices, which they often post on their Instagram account @peepy_and_mother_lee.
The way we dress up, with matching outfits, has brighten up our lives and those who have seen us,” Peepy told South China Morning Post in a video interview.
When asked what it feels like to be approached by fans who want to take pictures of them, Mother Lee said: “I feel happy. It is always nice to have people who love us.”
Peepy, a former editor and owner of Hi! Magazine, and his mother, who is a fashion hobbyist, are being dubbed by many news outlets as the “world’s best mother and son style duo,” Daily Mail reports.
The idea to dress in matching outfits came to Peepy’s mind after launching their Instagram account, he said. But while he is the mastermind behind all of this, he recognizes his mother’s influence for his love of fashion.
I used to look at my mother every day when she would get ready to go to work and I loved that,” Peepy said.
As for our outfits, if you take the matching ones, there are too many to count,” Peepy told SCMP. “There are local designer pieces, international brand ones. Mother and I never counted.”
While the mother and son duo is well known for their fashion sense, the family is actually not connected to the industry. In fact, they are instead involved in the paint and chemical manufacturing industry, according to SCMP.
Whenever Peepy finds something for their outfits, he always buys it in a pair – one for him and another for his mother. He is also currently working with Thai designers for their attire during shoots.
It’s all in my head and every piece in the photos is from our collection,” he explains.
Many TV shows and companies from Italy and the United States have approached the two and proposed collaborations for handbags and sunglasses. Some of their fans have even suggested they start their own fashion line.
While the opportunity is now knocking at their doorstep, the duo seems to be taking their time before taking this venture to the next level.
I don’t even plan the shoots,” said Peepy. “We do it whenever we like it, it’s very spontaneous.”
I think that without fashion, the world would be a boring place, because fashion resides in everything in our lives,” he said. “It lives in our lifestyle, our food, drink, travels. Everything is fashion.”
Images via Instagram / peepy_and_mother_lee
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