12 Gifts For Your Matcha-Obsessed Friend This Christmas

12 Gifts For Your Matcha-Obsessed Friend This Christmas
Jin Hyun
December 18, 2019
Matcha lattes have been all the rage lately, with the beverage taking over cafe chains all over the world.
Matcha, which can literally be translated to “powdered tea,” is harvested from high-quality tea leaves and offers more health benefits as it involves ingesting the actual leaves, unlike the average cuppa.
Matcha has been said to boost metabolism, which can help with weight loss, and slow or even halt the production of cancer cells. And compared to a cup of coffee, which can leave you jittery, the caffeine in a cup of matcha releases at a slower pace, leaving you alert but still calm.
It’s no wonder this tea has become the new trendiest flavor in cafes and bakeries worldwide. If you’re shopping for a matcha aficionado this Christmas, here are 12 matcha-themed products they are sure to love.

1. This fresh-smelling matcha candle with hints of Japanese satsumas.

Available on Amazon for $22.99

2. This acne-fighting, pore-cleaning matcha mud mask.

Available on Amazon for $13.99

3. These socks to show just how “matcha” you love someone.

Available on Amazon for $7

4. These miracle matcha moisturizing sticks that rejuvenate dry spots, protect your skin and help with dark undereye circles.

Available on Amazon for $21.19

5. These nostalgic White Rabbit candies with a matcha twist.

Available on Amazon for $7.95

6. This matcha spread that is supposedly the green tea version of Nutella.

Available on Amazon for $19.40

7. This body and facial scrub with naturally-occurring energizing properties to promote smooth skin.

Available on Amazon for $14.98

8. This matcha honey to elevate your breakfast waffles or iced tea.

Available on Amazon for $12

9. This matcha tea set because who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cup of CHOCOLATE matcha?

Available on Amazon for $28

10. This authentic bamboo tea-making set to make a perfect traditional cup of matcha.

matcha gifts
Available on Amazon for $12.99

11. This blooming green tea set that tastes as great as it looks.

matcha gifts
Available on Amazon for $19.95

12. If all else fails, let Amazon take care of everything and just get a pre-made matcha-themed care package full of chocolates and biscuits.

matcha gifts
Available on Amazon for $31
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