Feds: Elected officials among clients of high-end brothels that trafficked Asian women

Feds: Elected officials among clients of high-end brothels that trafficked Asian womenFeds: Elected officials among clients of high-end brothels that trafficked Asian women
via WCVB Channel 5 Boston
Ryan General
November 9, 2023
A wide array of professionals, including elected officials, doctors and lawyers, were among the clients who paid for sexual services at high-end, illegal Massachusetts brothels that victimized predominantly Asian women, U.S. federal investigators have uncovered. 
Diverse clientele: Acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy revealed during a press conference on Wednesday that federal investigators have dismantled a clandestine and “sophisticated” brothel network operating in Massachusetts and Eastern Virginia. These brothels also served pharmaceutical executives, military officers, government contractors, professors, business executives, technology company executives, scientists, accountants, retail employees and even students. 

Secrecy and exclusivity: The operation had two websites, Bostontop10.com and BrowneyesgirlVA.blog, which provided brothel access for a monthly fee. For the privilege, these clients surrendered personal information such as driver’s license photos, employer details and credit card numbers. The covert operation thrived on secrecy and exclusivity, providing various sexual encounters for prices reaching up to $600 per hour.
Dismantling the operation: Federal officials executed search warrants in several locations connected to the operation, including apartments in Cambridge and Dedham, Massachusetts, and Torrance, California. The apartments served as high-end meeting points for clients, costing as much as $5,600 per month. 
Suspects arrested: Three individuals, namely 41-year-old Han Lee of Cambridge, 68-year-old James Lee of California, and 30-year-old Junmyung Lee of Dedham, have been arrested and now stand accused of engaging in the exploitation of predominantly Asian women. According to Levy, the suspects facilitated the movement of these women across the U.S., forcing them into a world of sex trafficking and commercial sex rings.
A thorough affidavit showed that the three suspects used hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase money orders, masking the source of their funds, which were then used to cover rent and utilities. If convicted, each defendant could face up to 20 years in prison and significant fines.
Ongoing investigation: According to the Department of Justice, the investigation is still ongoing as there are potentially hundreds of yet-to-be-identified clients, including various professional disciplines not mentioned earlier. The potential implications for the clients who engaged in these illegal activities are yet to be known. 
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