New Marvel actor Meng’er Zhang talks about punching Simu Liu’s face

Marvel Meng'er Zhang

In an exclusive interview, Meng’er Zhang, the Chinese actor who plays Shang-Chi’s sister Xialiang, shared that she didn’t know she was auditioning for “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and ended up punching Simu Liu in the face on set.

Landing the role: Zhang told NextShark she wasn’t aware she was auditioning for a Marvel movie. She sent her self-tapes after seeing the audition call in a group chat.

  • The audition call mentioned needing a girl who could speak Chinese and English. Zhang realized what she was auditioning for after receiving a callback and realizing she would be doing a screen test with Liu.
  • “I just want to play interesting characters and tell good stories and this film is really a good story,” she shared. “[Shang-Chi] is a really great story about family and about love.”
  • She also revealed that she cries every time she watches the film.

Moments on set:  The Marvel newcomer recalled one moment in which she got too into character and punched Liu in the face.

  • “The first fight scene I did with Simu, I did punch him in the face,” she shared. “It’s not going to be a fond memory for him, but it felt good. I didn’t mean to do it, I just got into my character. I just went for it.”
  • She states that Liu was “super nice” about it and told her it didn’t hurt.
  • Liu also gifted her an action figure of Xialiang, which she takes with her everywhere. Her husband brings the action figure around with him to show it off.
  • Zhang’s parents also bought all her action figures and have filled their house with them.

Featured Image via NextShark and Marvel Entertainment

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