Marvel Fan Sets 6 ‘Ground Rules’ Before Taking His Girlfriend To See ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

“Avengers: Infinity War” is slated to release in theaters by the end of April, and every Marvel geek is beyond thrilled.

With anticipation built over years, it is understandable that fans would prefer their movie-going experience to not have any distractions.

One unnamed Avengers fan, who claims he has been waiting for the film for a decade, reportedly set some ground rules for his own girlfriend to follow inside the theater to ensure everything is in order on movie day. 

A post from Twitter user Stanley Tse shows a conversation between the girlfriend and her boyfriend who is not leaving anything to chance when Thanos challenges “Earth’s mightiest heroes.”

In the now-viral tweet, the boyfriend candidly laid out his six rules for his beloved to follow during their screening of the film. 

The excited fan, who placed ticket orders weeks before the film, may have noticed his girlfriend’s unenthusiastic response.

He then replied with his strict list of “Not To Dos,” which strictly includes talking, hand-holding, and even kissing!

His comprehensive list also includes some pretty specific demands:

In the end, he assures her that compliance will be rewarded:

While the “rules” are obviously made in jest, the girl’s emoji response seemed to indicate she’s not at all amused:

Judging by more than 89,000 retweets and over 218,000 likes, it appears netizens are united in the hopes of watching the highly anticipated film without any form of nuisance in theaters.

Feature image via YouTube / (Left): Marvel Entertainment | Twitter / (Right): TseStanley23

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