Marvel Exec Jeph Loeb Promotes ‘Iron Fist’ Wearing a Karate Uniform at SD Comic-Con

To add to the list of many questionable decisions surrounding the Netflix show “Iron Fist,” Marvel executive producer Jeph Loeb chose to grace the series’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con last week wearing a Karate uniform.

The former comic book writer, who now serves as one of the executive producers in everyone’s least favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) television series, has since come under fire for his tone-deaf attire.

At the Comic-Con, Loeb announced the second season to the controversial program which has earned criticism for using the tired White Savior trope that audiences have seen in various iterations of American shows and movies.

A tweet by Electronic Frontier Foundation policy analyst Katharine Trendacosta highlighted the problematic concept:

Some netizens who criticized Loeb’s Karate costume noted that the stunt could be a way of mocking critics of the show or an attempt to antagonize them further.

Meanwhile. those who attended the panel pointed out that it was apparent that Loeb wore it as part of a scripted bit with Jessica Henwick, one of the lead actors for the show. In the said skit, Henwick is seen telling Loeb to remove the costume.

Feature Image via YouTube/Clevver News

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