Maskless Woman Goes on Racist ‘Kung Fu’ Attack on Drug Store Manager in Toronto

Maskless Woman Goes on Racist ‘Kung Fu’ Attack on Drug Store Manager in Toronto
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October 29, 2020
A woman who attacked a drug store manager with her own brand of kung fu is now known on the internet as “Martial Arts Karen.”
The incident, which was filmed by another customer, took place at a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Toronto this week.
Martial Arts
A customer attacks an Asian drug store manager with “martial arts.” Image Screenshot via MisatoMadeRamen
It all started when the Black woman showed up at the store without a face mask, according to witness Reddit user Lubricant_Piano.
After taking notice, the manager and staff informed her that she needed to wear one so she could continue shopping.
Martial Arts
The customer tries to corner the manager. Image Screenshot via MisatoMadeRamen
Apparently, the woman took offense to the policy and started to make racist remarks toward the Asian manager, Lubricant_Piano recalled.
Soon enough, she became physically belligerent and attacked the manager with a bizarre form of kung fu.
The manager demands the customer to leave the store. Image Screenshot via MisatoMadeRamen
As seen in the video, the customer launches a series of chops and kicks toward the manager, making “hi-ya” sounds with each strike.
“I know you know martial arts, so do I,” the customer claims.
The customer claims she only used the manager to “demonstrate” to police that she knows martial arts. Image Screenshot via MisatoMadeRamen
The manager, who appears to be unhurt, demands the customer to leave and warns that there will be trouble if she ever comes back.
To this, the customer replies, “I just used you to demonstrate to the f***ing officers I know martial arts.”
The customer threatens the manager with a bloodied tissue. Image Screenshot via MisatoMadeRamen
The woman then pulls out a tissue that contains her blood and threatens the manager with it.
“Now, there’s my f***ing blood. Do you want to come next to me again? F*** off,” she tells the manager.
The video, which was also posted on YouTube, has since drawn various reactions from viewers.
One commenter advised, “You should always keep a can of roach spray handy to deal with these situations.”
Feature Image Screenshots via MisatoMadeRamen
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