Martial Artist Couple Gets Into Fight Over Trophies, Husband Ends Up in Hospital

A couple in China who happen to both be martial arts champions got into a grueling argument which sent the husband straight to the hospital after he began suffering from chest pains.

Doctors at Xi’an hospital were shocked to see a 3-centimeter (1.2-inch) gold medal in the distressed husband’s esophagus.

Once the foreign object was extracted from the man’s body, he explained that the gold medal actually belonged to his wife and that he swallowed it to exact revenge on her, according to Shanghaiist.

The husband revealed that he is a champion of Sanshou, a Chinese kickboxing martial art, and that his wife happens to be a Taekwondo champion.

The man explained that the incident took place when his wife ruined his trophy after a heated argument, which prompted him to swallow his wife’s gold medal to get even with her.

Given the fact that both husband and wife are renowned martial artists, some were curious as to why both of them didn’t end up settling the argument with their fists. The husband explained that they decided not to let the dispute reach a point of getting physical since it would’ve led to the destruction of their house.

While the martial arts couple managed to avoid any actual physical conflict, their argument still ended up with one of them going straight to the hospital. There’s no telling what would happen if martial artist couples, such as mixed martial artist champion Angela Lee, get into a scuffle with her husband, who also happens to be an MMA fighter himself.

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