China Daily Correspondent Calls Republican Senator a ‘Lifetime B*tch’ for Tweet Against China

Marsha Blackburn

A reporter from the state-run China Daily has gone viral for calling a Republican senator a “b*tch” for her comment against China.

Viral tweet: Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn got into a heated argument with China Daily chief Washington correspondent Chen Weihua on Thursday, according to The Hill.

  • It started when Blackburn publicly thanked Donald Trump for preventing the trade of products “produced by forced Uyghur labor” to the U.S., following it up with a tweet stating, “China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing.”

  • Activists have called out major brands in the past for allegedly sourcing their products from Xinjiang, where many ethnic minorities, including the Uyghur, are being detained.
  • In his first reply, Chen called the Republican senator a “b*tch” and the “most racist and ignorant senator” he has ever seen.

  • He also called Blackburn a “lowlife.”

  • Blackburn fired back at Chen and called him a “puppet” of China’s President Xi Jinping.

  • Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio also jumped in and called Chen out.
  • However, the Chinese reporter fired back, calling his previous post about Blackburn an “understatement.”

Users react: Many social media users were surprised by Chen’s response to Blackburn’s claims about China.

Feature Image via PBS NewsHour (Left), CGTN America (Right)

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