Mark Zuckerberg Goes For a Run in China, Foolishly Forgets to Wear a Face Mask

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a stranger to China as the Chinese-speaking Facebook CEO is known for often paying visits to the country. However, Zuckerberg recently received a storm of criticism after he posted a picture of him and his team jogging in Beijing without wearing masks to his Facebook account.

Running has become part of Zuckerberg’s “Year of Running” fitness regimen in which the Facebook founder runs a minimum of a mile a day in 2016. He wrote in his Facebook post on Friday:


It’s great to be back in Beijing! I kicked off my visit with a run through Tiananmen Square, past the Forbidden City and…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, March 17, 2016

The picture, which has received over 243,000 likes and reactions, shows Zuckerberg leading a group of runners through a smoggy and grey Tiananmen Square. Many were wondering why the runners weren’t wearing masks to protect themselves from the severe air pollution that the country has become known for.

Greenpeace East Asia tweeted Zuckerberg’s image with the following caption:

Other Facebook users who commented wondering how Zuckerberg was able to even post on on Facebook since the platform is forbidden by the Chinese internet’s “Great Firewall.”

Air pollution is a serious health concern in the Chinese capital. Recent Air Quality Index reports declared that the city air was at an “unhealthy” level when Zuckerberg and his crew were running.

Beijing’s pollution has been known to be so bad that a man vacuumed the city’s smog-choked air and used the particles to make a brick.

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