Japanese YouTuber Invents Light Bulb That Flickers When a Couple Breaks Up

Japanese YouTuber Invents Light Bulb That Flickers When a Couple Breaks Up

December 19, 2019
Japanese YouTuber Marina Fujiwara has created a device that blinks brightly whenever someone shares a breakup post online.
The device, which aims to make single people feel better during the holiday season, looks like an ordinary bulb connected to the internet through a “bridge,” according to Fujiwara’s blog post as translated by Unilad.
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This is all achieved with an Internet of Things (IoT) home appliance that allows the user to change the brightness of the light from their smartphone.
“If you connect to other apps and turn on the electricity when you go home, the possibilities are endless,” she said.
“First of all, connect a ‘bridge’ that will become a hub to connect the light bulb to the Internet,” Fujiwara added. “Setup is completed by simply connecting to a WiFi router at home with a LAN cable. Very easy.”
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Once this is set up, the user can input a “trigger” through Twitter using words like “break up” or similar terms.
“I really hate Christmas. It’s not a light joke like ‘Christmas or perish’, but I really don’t like it,” Fujiwara wrote.
“I want to celebrate Christmas. But when you see a couple in the world going on a Christmas date and doing something like that, I am attacked by a huge sense of loneliness.”
She also explains how she likes to search for the word “parting” on Twitter after she followed an account set up by high school students sharing their anniversaries and other special occasions online.
Fujiwara then discovered when couples break up that their shared accounts’ icons and descriptions are changed to “parted.”
The device is not up for sale yet.
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