Brooklyn Assemblywoman’s Staff Fired for Anti-Asian Facebook Rant on Coronavirus

Brooklyn Assemblywoman’s Staff Fired for Anti-Asian Facebook Rant on Coronavirus

March 6, 2020
Marilyn Franks, a receptionist of Brooklyn Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus, was recently fired for her anti-Asian rant on Facebook amid the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
Franks was let go on Wednesday following a Facebook post where she advised people to stay away from Chinese-owned businesses as a preventative measure against COVID-19, according to New York Daily News.
“We urge citizens to stay away from Chinese supermarkets, shops, fast food outlets, Restaurant, and Business. Most of the owners went back to China to celebrate the Chinese New [Year] Celebrations,” Franks said in her Facebook post. “They are returning and some are bringing along the Coronavirus. Rather be safe than sorry.”
Spokesman Jacob Goldfinger told the Daily News that Frontus “absolutely condemns all xenophobic statements.”
“People disseminate hateful messages out of genuine hatred out of ignorance, and we just had to assess what was appropriate,” Goldfinger said.
Meanwhile, a Brooklyn borough community board member was also under fire for his own anti-Asian tirade and stating that Frontus should not have apologized.
“Ms. Frontus should not have apologize [sic] but as a stateswoman she did … These Chinese restaurants in our community make millions of dollars off us,” Ronald X. Stewart, who is a friend of Frontus, wrote in a social media post. “They don’t hire us; don’t donate to any of our events and express racism against us.”
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who appointed Stewart for his position, received a message from the United Chinese Association of Brooklyn demanding his removal from Community Board 13 on Wednesday.
Adams also took to Twitter to condemn Stewart’s comment on the matter.
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“Adams condemns in the strongest possible terms the comments made this week by a community board member,” spokesman Jonah Allan said in a statement.
The Brooklyn Borough president then announced that they will not reappoint Stewart to his position and that his last day serving on the board will be March 31, AsAm News reported.
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