Either Netflix is Broken or Marie Kondo Has Taken ‘Spark Joy’ To Another Level

What is most certainly a glitch on Netflix has more or less added to the “Does this spark joy?” social media storm sparked by cleaning guru Marie Kondo.

Since it’s debut at the beginning of this year, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has launched a wave of hilarious house-cleaning memes and even triggered those who don’t agree with suggestions to toss out their old books.

Adding to the bonfire is this golden Tweet from etiquette coach William Hanson that shows the credentials for Kondo’s show but with the background for the Netflix Original “Close,” in which Noomi Rapace plays a bodyguard protecting her client in Africa. However, that can’t and won’t stop those who can easily imagine Marie Kondo, cheerful positivity and all, taking a more aggressive approach to things that don’t spark joy, particularly people.

For now, an alternate-reality Marie Kondo organizing the world one smile at a time will remain but a fantasy.

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