Men are Blaming Marie Kondo for Having to Tidy Up

Without a doubt, the arrival of Marie Kondo and “Tidying Up” on Netflix at the beginning of the year inspired many to purge things that no longer “spark joy” in their lives.

Since then, there has been so much hype around the organizing guru’s “Konmari method,” which practically resulted in more spacious homes and massive donations to thrift stores throughout the U.S.

While thousands embraced Kondo’s decluttering process with all their heart, some are not exactly happy about jumping on the bandwagon — many of them being men.


On Wednesday, Twitter user @adultblackmale shared a pattern of people posting items on the menswear reseller site Grailed: men who claim to be there because they watched Marie Kondo or because their wives or girlfriends watched the show and made them get rid of stuff.

“Barely worn, wife is making me Marie Kondo it. Great,” one wrote.

But Grailed is just one place. On Twitter, countless men have complained about tidying up, fingers pointing at the 31-year-old celebrity consultant.

If such men don’t ever feel like tidying up, we’re not really sure who’s supposed to. On the brighter side, some men find Kondo to be good news:

Featured Images via Netflix (Left) and Twitter (Right)

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