You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Marie Kondo-ed Your Backpack

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Most people have probably heard of the KonMari Method by now after it was popularized by organizing expert Marie Kondo on her Netflix series “Tidying Up.”


Kondo mostly uses her method to organize closets and confined spaces inside a person’s home.

However, the KonMari Method can actually be applied to other spaces, including backpacks.

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Organizing expert and best-selling author Marie Kondo (@mariekondo) packs up a backpack in her signature KonMari method.

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The method might help anyone who struggles to keep their backpack organized.

In a new video for Instagram titled “Tidy Your Backpack,” Kondo suggests sorting out items by different categories instead of cramming everything inside your backpack.

This can be done by simply putting the same items inside a small pouch.

Once everything is zipped in the pouches, you can start by putting the biggest object inside the bag first. Then, try to keep the items in a standing upright position.

Now look at all that free space!

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