Video of Moment Mariah Bell Cut Lim Eun-Soo Released

Video of Moment Mariah Bell Cut Lim Eun-Soo ReleasedVideo of Moment Mariah Bell Cut Lim Eun-Soo Released
New video has surfaced of Mariah Bell, an American figure skater accused of intentionally injuring South Korean rival Lim Eun-soo during rehearsal for the World Figure Skating Championships.
Bell, 22, was training prior to the women’s short program in Saitama, Japan, on March 20 when she reportedly approached Eun-soo, 16, from behind and kicked her with her skates.
The teen’s management, All That Sports, claimed that Bell’s actions were deliberate and she had been “bullying Lim for months.”
“In the past, we believed we should just ignore it but it got severely bad as the championships approached … It wouldn’t have been this bad if she apologized for once,” an agency representative said.
After an investigation into the incident, the International Skating Union (ISU) released the following statement:
“The incident was verbally reported to the ISU by the Korean team leader, however no formal complaint has been received.
“Based on the evidence at hand at this point in time, which includes a video, there is no evidence that Ms. Bell intended any harm to Ms. Lim.
“The ISU met with delegates from both USA and Korea and urged both parties to find an amicable solution. The ISU maintains that this remains the appropriate approach.”
Bell said she was “unaware” of the incident and wanted to apologize, but her music began playing during the meeting, the New York Post reported.
Footage of the clash can be viewed below.
The two figure skaters were set to compete today at the free skating part of the championships.
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