Maria Ozawa Furious After Filipino Immigration Worker Posts Her Passport Online

Maria Ozawa Furious After Filipino Immigration Worker Posts Her Passport OnlineMaria Ozawa Furious After Filipino Immigration Worker Posts Her Passport Online
Ryan General
September 15, 2016
Japanese actress Maria Ozawa expressed her disappointment on Facebook after discovering that her photo, passport and confidential information were thoughtlessly posted on social media by a careless Philippine immigration employee.
The former adult actress said she learned about the unfortunate incident after a friend sent a text message telling her that her private details had been publicly displayed on social media, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.
When she checked it for herself,  she did find photos of her passport and ID photo uploaded on someone’s Facebook account. The Facebook user, revealed to be a Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) officer, posted the photos along with caption, “I bet you know this girl.” The poster also included Ozawa’s other private details including her location in the comments section.
It seemed that the government employee got too “excited” upon having seen Ozawa’s details that she felt it would be fun to brag about her celebrity encounter on Facebook. However, instead of getting instant “fame” from irresponsibly sharing confidential information, the worker earned the ire of many Filipino netizens.
The agency’s spokesperson, Tonette Mangrobang, said that once confirmed, the employee will be facing penalties for the incident.
“The BI will not condone nor tolerate these acts. We assure the public that this case is isolated and the right to privacy of the BI’s clients is our paramount concern,” she said.
Ozawa said that she felt the BI is supposed to provide high standards in service by keeping confidential information of foreigners in the country protected and secure. The former model expressed that while she had grown fond of the Philippines, the incident had made her think twice on staying in the country for good.
The Japanese star, who has retired from the adult video industry, recently expressed that she decided to stay in the Philippines on a more permanent basis, pursuing acting projects for local productions in the country and, recently, running the “Singles Bar” at the Remington Hotel located at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.
Ozawa said that she had sought her managers help in deciding on whether to file a legal complaint about the incident.
Here’s the actress’ Facebook post in full:
In a later post, it was revealed that her management will no longer file a complaint and would let the agency handle the matter internally.
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