Maria Ozawa Blasts Uber in the Philippines Over Stalker Driver

Former Japanese Adult Video (JAV) actress, Maria Ozawa, has called out ride sharing mobile application Uber for one of their drivers who she called unprofessional after he stalked her and pretended he was another person.

Image via Instagram / maria.ozawa

The 32-year-old former actress, who is now a part-owner of La Maison bar in the Philippines, shared the message screenshot she got from the driver pretending to be someone named “Ben” on her Facebook account last week, which has now been deleted. The driver, while under the name of “Ben,” messaged the actress and asked about the things she liked.

Image via Instagram / maria.ozawa

The incident clearly infuriated Ozawa, which led her to post and call out the company’s Philippine branch on her account. She wrote in the now-deleted post, as archived by GMA News:

Are you serious Uber Uber Philippines UBER DRIVERS PHILIPPINES!?!?! What is wrong with your #uberdrivers giving out customers numbers to their friends? Or other customers!? I tried calling the hotline and they didn’t pick up. I change my name on purpose so I can protect my privacy but it still happens and this isn’t my first time blocking numbers from Uber/Grab!!!! Several times I had drivers stalk me and now the drivers are giving away customers phone numbers!?!? Really!? I LOVE the Philippines but Why can’t I trust this country AT ALL!? Why are the people SO UNPROFESSIONAL!?”

Image via Instagram / maria.ozawa

In her latest update to her fans, Ozawa said that Uber Philippines is now fixing the issue and tracking down the driver. The company also asked the former actress to take down her initial post describing what happened between her and the stalker Uber driver.

But anyways the staff who’s in charge said they will fix this and take it really seriously…

and wanted me to delete the post so for now I will but if ever i have to use Uber again(which I think I will not) and it happens again I will sue him/them for sure. If people are registered or working as a professional driver they should never bring out their personal emotions. Maybe it’s hard to tell that to all the people but at least in japan that’s how we were taught in business world . Especially when they handle something personal from their customers,” she wrote in her post.

Image via Instagram / maria.ozawa

Maria Ozawa has been living in the Philippines for quite some time now, and she has already found a Filipino boyfriend in the country – celebrity chef Jose Sarasola.

Featured image via Instagram / maria.ozawa (Left, Right)

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