Taiwanese Cosplayer Accuses Chinese Online Shop for Using Her Image Without Approval

Marceline Liu, a Taiwanese gamer, cosplayer and airsoft hobbyist, is looking to sue Chinese online store Taobao after it used her as a model for a clay figurine and used her photo for advertising purposes without consent.

Liu vented out on her Facebook account on Tuesday after she stumbled upon the store’s page on Taobao where it sold mini clay models that look exactly like her in costume, according to Taiwan News.

On her post, she said that the online store and the company that created the figurine, Yu Fan Wan Wu, committed an act of copyright infringement.

The merchandise, which is called Yufan Model, shows a female soldier character who appears to be wearing a pair of cat or rabbit ears while dressed in military gear, and equipped with a high-powered automatic rifle.

Photo via Instagram / marceline_liu

While it may be a direct violation of her privacy, some netizens could not help but warn Liu to just drop the lawsuit as the legal battle would only waste her time and money.

Others reminded her about a previous case where Nike tried to sue Taobao over a violation on its intellectual property. But sadly, the latter came out as the winner in the lawsuit.

Featured Image via Facebook / Marceline Liu

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