Man’s Brand New BMW Caught on Fire in China, Children Suspected Behind Incident

A man from Yangzhou in eastern central China’s Jiangsu Province bought a brand new BMW luxury car only to find it engulfed in flames 20 minutes later inside a residential neighborhood.

It was initially believed that the man was blessing his car by burning incense, which is reportedly what caused the fire on June 12, according to Shanghaiist. In the now viral video posted on Chinese social media, the residential area can be seen almost covered in smoke.

Several offerings near the car, which cost about 470,000 yuan ($73,000), as well as a red cloth draped on the hood of the vehicle, were also discovered.


However, surveillance video later revealed that four children could be responsible for the fire that turned the car into a charred husk.

In the CCTV footage, the children were seen putting incense around the car before the incident happened, CGTN reported.

Authorities are currently investigating the case.

Featured Image via Btime

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