Manny Pacquiao Treats Family to $4,200 Pre-Fight Sushi Lunch in Hollywood

With arguably the biggest fight of our time just around the corner, both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been preparing endlessly.

It’s no secret that diet has been a huge part of their fight preparation, and we all know Mayweather has spared no expense in that department.

According to The Philippine Star, Pacquiao dropped $4,200 for lunch at the Hollywood sushi restaurant Kabuki over the weekend. As someone who’s guaranteed to make $80 million this weekend, the meal didn’t make much of a dent in his bank account.

The Filipino boxer enjoyed the feast along with friends, family and Filipino actor Richard Gutierrez. According to the Eater LA, Pacquiao spent $3,700 at the same restaurant last week. The man clearly loves his sushi.

Image via PhilStar
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