Manny Pacquiao Drops Over $3 Million on Fight Tickets For His 900-Person Entourage

If you thought Manny Pacquiao spending $4,200 on a casual sushi lunch for his friends and family was crazy …

Pacquiao spent over $3 million on tickets to make sure all 900 people in his “entourage” would be able to attend his upcoming fight, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Out of the 16,800 available seats at the MGM Grand Arena for the fight, only 500 tickets were made available to the public, and they all sold out in seconds. The rest had already been scooped up by high-rollers looking to reserve a ticket for themselves or to resell.

With seats being peddled for as much as $723,788.92 for a pair of fight tickets on the secondary market, the Filipino boxer’s gesture is generous, to say the least. While no one knows for sure whether he’ll win his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., you can be sure he won’t be leaving anyone behind if he does.

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