Police Chief Fired After Mayor of Manila Steps in Human Poop

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has been making rounds in the Philippine capital since he took office a week ago and made an unpleasant discovery at the Bonifacio Monument. 

The newly-elected mayor, who has vowed to fulfill his vision of a clean, vibrant Manila, recently inspected the Bonifacio Monument, a shrine in Manila’s Ermita district to revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio. However, during the walk, he noticed a terrible stench in the area.

“This smells like a toilet,” Moreno said in a video posted on his Facebook account. “Where can you find a monument of Andres Bonifacio where there are feces behind him? There are feces everywhere. Son of a b*tch why did they ruin this?”

Despite treading carefully around the shrine, Moreno still accidentally stepped on some human feces. 

In the clip, Moreno is shown joking to his staff, saying that “That means I’m lucky. I’m going to have money!”

While he reacted to the incident lightheartedly, Moreno may have felt differently that the important landmark had apparently been so neglected.   

He then immediately called Manila Police Chief Brigadier General Vicente Danao Jr. and ordered the firing of Police Lt. Rowel Robles, the chief of Lawton police community precinct (PCP) the department in charge of maintaining the monument’s cleanliness.

“The problem is, this is under PCP Lawton. Relieve him (chief of the precinct). There’s sh*t everywhere, man. I think we saw around 100 [pieces of poop], this is one big restroom. Please remove him,” Moreno said. 

Moreno also ordered the removal of illegal shanties found around the Bonifacio Monument.

Staying true to his campaign promise, Moreno also instructed all campaign materials, including his own, to be removed from the trees in the park.

While many of Moreno’s supporters agreed with his order to clean up the monument, some explained that there might be a reason why there was poop all over the area.

“The people probably don’t have a restroom that’s why they used the monument as their toilet, mayor. Have a restroom constructed for them because there are probably no restrooms near the area,” Facebook user Lorenzo Exconde suggested

In a recent update on Facebook, the mayor showed images showing the site is being cleaned by volunteers.

Featured image via Facebook / Isko Moreno


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