‘Go Back to China’: New Jersey Man Faces Hate Crime Charge After Punching Asian Woman


A man from Elizabeth, New Jersey has been arrested after punching an Asian woman in Manhattan this week.

The incident, which police are investigating as a hate crime, occurred while the victim was walking along West 14th Street near Hudson Street in Chelsea on Monday afternoon.

Fred Sousa, 50, allegedly stated, “Go back to your own country, go back to China,” while standing behind the Asian woman.

When the woman turned back to confront him, Sousa allegedly slapped the glasses off her face and slugged her, according to the New York Post.

Sousa ran off toward Hudson Street but was chased by bystanders, who managed to get a hold of him until law enforcement arrived.

Sousa was taken into custody and is now facing charges of assault as a hate crime, according to PIX 11.

The victim, believed to have sustained a concussion, was taken to Lenox Health Greenwich Village hospital for treatment.

She reportedly told Sousa during their confrontation that she is not from China.

Feature Image (representation only) via pixy.org

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