He Thinks His Shirt From His Ex-Girlfriend Says ‘I Love You’

It always pays to check things twice, a lesson one man learned the hard way when he decided to flaunt his new T-shirt on the streets last year.

On Halloween, Twitter user @brohsen shared a picture of the Caucasian man who received the new shirt from his ex-girlfriend.

His ex-girlfriend told him that it means “I love you” and he thought it was “beautiful.”

It was all hugs and kisses until Twitter broke out in laughter.

Apparently, the word “BHENCHOD” is Punjabi for “Sister F**ker.”

Judging by the innocent smile on his face, the poor man clearly had no clue what he was wearing.

@brohsen’s tweet received thousands of likes and retweets since its posting, with many going hysterical:

bhenchod tshirt

bhenchod tshirt

bhenchod tshirt

bhenchod tshirt

We can only guess what happened between the poor man and his ex, but many speculate it’s something horrible.

Sadly, we have no word on how this guy is now, and more importantly, whatever he did with his unforgettable gift.

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