Man Tries to Smuggle $15,000 Worth of Cell Phone Memory Cards to Southern China

A man was caught attempting to smuggle thousands of memory cards into Southern China, reported state media outlet CCTV.

Custom officials in Shenzhen discovered the man had more than 9,000 mobile phone memory cards taped to his body, according to the South China Morning Post. He was trying to enter the mainland from Hong Kong.

The cards were reportedly worth 100,000 yuan ($15,287).

A custom official said the man tried to bribe them with 50,000 yuan ($7,642) into letting him go.

An elderly woman attempting to smuggle more than 10,000 phone memory cards taped to her waist and legs was caught only hours earlier, the Post reported.

Foreign brand electronic products like iPhones and memory cards are routinely smuggled into China from Hong Kong as it is duty and sales tax free.

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