Man Tries to Escape Paying Hotel Bill By Climbing Telephone Wires in China

A man who appeared to be a professional tightrope walker performing a high-wire act was recently caught on video by a curious pedestrian in China.

However, the apparent death-defying stunt seen by residents of Panzhou, in the province of Guizhou, on September 29 turned out to be something a bit less exciting, although still amusing.

According to Shanghaiist, the unidentified daredevil was actually just a hotel guest trying to evade paying his bill for his room by climbing across telephone wires.

The footage, posted on the Chinese video-sharing platform Pear Video, became widely shared on local social media.

Unfortunately, the man did not get too far as he got tangled up and stuck on the wires during his risky escape, some 19 stories above the ground.

Concerned individuals who spotted his high altitude dilemma immediately called the authorities to save him from a potentially fatal fall.

In the end, rescuers were able to bring the man down, who was fortunate enough not to fall to his death or get electrocuted by high voltage wires.

It was not reported, however, whether the hotel let him off the hook for his unpaid bill.

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